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In Zone Enrolments 
Please click here for a map of the in zone areas for Onehunga Primary School  
OPS Home Zone Map

All children who live within the home zone are entitled to attend Onehunga Primary School. Parents should apply early to assist the school to plan appropriately. Enquire at the school office for zone details.

The address given at the time of the application for enrolment must be the child's usual place of residence when the school is open for instruction. This means that if you currently live at an in-zone address but move to an out-of-zone address before your child's first day of attendance, your child will not be entitled to enrol at the school.

We encourage all families living in zone to complete a quick form stating your intention to enrol for any children under 5 years old. This form is available from our office.
This information allows us to plan for future classes and to ensure we have teachers and rooms ready to accommodate our new entrant numbers.

Packs for pre-enrolment can be collected from our office. We suggest you collect these and take them away to complete as there are a number of forms to fill out. Families will need to bring an original birth certificate, vaccination certificate and two proof of residency within our enrolment zone. This information will need to be completed before your child's first day at school when she or he turns 5 years old. 

Actual enrolment occurs when your child reports to our office on the day they start school. Children can not start until the day of their 5th birthday.

Out-of-Zone Enrolments

We are actively working to reduce the number of out of zone students in our school to prevent overcrowding.

Applications will be processed in the following order of priority:

  • First priority – this category is not applicable because the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary.
  • Second priority will be given to any applicant who is a sibling of a current student.
  • Third priority will be given to any applicant who is a sibling of a former student.
  • Fourth priority will be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student.
  • Fifth priority will be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school. 
  • Sixth priority will be given to all other applicants.

If there are more applicants than places available in a priority group then selection within the priority group will be by ballot. All schools with enrolment schemes must follow balloting procedures as set out in the Ministry of Education instructions.

Applicants seeking second or third priority status may be required to give proof of a sibling relationship.


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